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Top tips for bringing home a rescue dog

At Jack Russell Rescue Australia, we save dogs from pounds and rehome them all over Australia. We match the dog with the family as best we can, after assessing the needs of both the family and the dog. That’s why we were thrilled to feature in Advantage Petcare’s recent publication, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Bringing Home Rescue Pets’.

This article is a great read for any prospective pet parent as it offers sound advice on settling your pet in your home.

Here are our top tips for the safe transition of a rescue pet:

  • Make sure your pet is a good match for your family. For example, young energetic dogs will be well matched with people who have time to exercise the dog, give it a routine and guidance. While older senior dogs are best matched with people who have a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • When bringing home a rescue pet, give it time to adjust to its new home and family for a couple of weeks before introducing it to new people and environments. Take it slowly and introduce one new thing at a time.
  • A crate is always fantastic to have, as it gives the dog a safe place to retreat to if it feels unsure. You can rest assured knowing the dog is in a safe place when new visitors arrive.
  • Organise a trusted vet and dog trainer who can offer medical and behavioural advice when needed.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, be sure to contact us – we’re always happy to help!