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Rainbow Bridge 2020 – 2021


It is with great sadness that I am letting you know that Phoebe crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday.

It is so hard dealing with the loss of a beloved companion.

You knew Phoebe as Princess. I adopted her from you in October 2014.

She was a very sweet and adorable dog, and I loved her dearly.



Phoebe (Princess)


Hi Jill,

You may not remember us but we brought Mylo from you a few years ago.

Well some sad news that our beloved boy Mylo passed away at the age of 13 years old due to Cancer.

He was a great dog and we both loved him dearly.


Mick & Julie


Stanley 2004 – 2021

Stanley (previously known as Mario and Murray), the bomb-proof Jack Russell with a steel leg, came to live with us in the country as a late 5th birthday present for Massimo and as a companion to Tilly. We were Stanley’s third family before he turned 1.

Tilly might have been the top dog, but Stanley was the mastermind. From the start Stanley wrought havoc and somehow survived:

  • the accidental dive chest-first into the swimming pool
  • the cattle stomping on him in the paddock
  • the brown snake that came out from under the car
  • the horse stampede
  • the sheep wool between his teeth – How did that get there?
  • the rat bait he ate in the removalists’ warehouse
  • the car that ran him over
  • chasing the postman down the street with Tilly on a number of occasions when the toddlers opened the door

Stanley adapted with enthusiasm to the arrival of twins, becoming Liv’s staunch guardian and Clem’s biscuit snatcher. He regularly trotted up to spend a few hours with the girls at school, sitting happily under their desks. And as much as he loved mousing and swooping across the fields chasing birds with Tilly, he easily adapted to life in the city, although the neighbours might not think so. One of his greatest joys was the last hundred metre lead-free race home with Tilly after his daily walk.

From the day after Tilly died in February 2019, Stanley stayed by my side and settled into an unexpectedly quiet retirement.



To the Jack Russell Rescue

Yesterday was a sad day for Prue and I, it was time for Bobby to go to ‘doggy heaven’.

It has been almost 6 years since we adopted him from the Jack Russell rescue home in Sydney.

The fact that he only had three legs never hindered him, he just got on with life and eagerly looked forward to his 1/2 hour run every morning.

But his long lasting injuries to his back right leg, as well as arthritis eventually caught up with him.

Yes, he was determined to run on just two legs, and he made it happen, but the recovery pain he was suffering during the rest of the day was depressing.

He came to us when he was almost 7 years old, now he is almost 13.

While he was antisociable to other dogs, he never failed to shower us with affection every day – left us with many happy memories.

We are proud to have given him a second chance in life, especially when he was often overlooked at adoption time.

Two photos attached, one not long after we first got him, the second where he spent almost every day, basking in the sun.

Ian & Prue


Hello Dearest Jill.

Mummy and I are writing this together, as my Mummy isn’t coping very well at the moment.

Four weeks ago, the angels came and carried me to heaven.

Mummy and I were in each other’s arms, in the serenity of our own home, breathing each other’s breath, when the angels wrapped their wings around me and gently flew me to heaven.

We loved each other unconditionally my Mummy and I…still do. We shared absolutely everything.

I was a very feisty boy outside of the house but a gooey teddy bear inside. I gave my Mummy a jolly good run for her money in the beginning. You see, I secretly didn’t like other dogs much and when we encountered one on our jaunts, I would pounce on them like a lion…wrapping my arms around their neck and pulling them down like a standover merchant. I never ever used to bite, just intimidate. Boy did it freak my Mummy out. She soon learnt to pick me up when we saw another dog.

I could also run like the wind when I felt the urge. Even at 15 yrs of age my Mummy couldn’t catch me. She tried though by goodness but her senior hero always won.

My Mummy and I spent the last years of my life in loving bliss. I became an inside boy who was kissed a thousand times a day and spoilt rotten. Our love made me feel safe and secure.

I’m still right beside my Mummy. She can’t see me yet because she is so very heartbroken, but I know for sure she can feel and hear me.

We are two together. Together forever.

With our love and kindness,

Cherubs (Mummy’s hero) & Melly ? xoxox