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Rainbow Bridge 2020


Hello Dearest Jill.

Mummy and I are writing this together, as my Mummy isn’t coping very well at the moment.

Four weeks ago, the angels came and carried me to heaven.

Mummy and I were in each other’s arms, in the serenity of our own home, breathing each other’s breath, when the angels wrapped their wings around me and gently flew me to heaven.

We loved each other unconditionally my Mummy and I…still do. We shared absolutely everything.

I was a very feisty boy outside of the house but a gooey teddy bear inside. I gave my Mummy a jolly good run for her money in the beginning. You see, I secretly didn’t like other dogs much and when we encountered one on our jaunts, I would pounce on them like a lion…wrapping my arms around their neck and pulling them down like a standover merchant. I never ever used to bite, just intimidate. Boy did it freak my Mummy out. She soon learnt to pick me up when we saw another dog.

I could also run like the wind when I felt the urge. Even at 15 yrs of age my Mummy couldn’t catch me. She tried though by goodness but her senior hero always won.

My Mummy and I spent the last years of my life in loving bliss. I became an inside boy who was kissed a thousand times a day and spoilt rotten. Our love made me feel safe and secure.

I’m still right beside my Mummy. She can’t see me yet because she is so very heartbroken, but I know for sure she can feel and hear me.

We are two together. Together forever.

With our love and kindness,

Cherubs (Mummy’s hero) & Melly 🐾 xoxox