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Merry Xmas team from Babe. This was her just now. Hard to believe Isobel was six months off being born when we adopted her. Now look at them.


Babe and her own tiny human


Hi Jill

Every time we look at dear little Marshall we think of you and all the wonderful people who assist you to save so many of our damaged little friends and we are so pleased that you let us have him.

He has won our hearts completely as well as so many people who have met up with him.

The lady who delivers “junk mail” at 6:00 am just as we have completed our morning walk was delighted when I took his harness off just outside our house and he walked up too her and licked her hand.

The parcel delivery man who sits on our front step and cuddles him after making a parcel delivery is a fan of his.

Marshall is still very protective of us and when a man came inside today to quote us for a new aircondtioner he made a bit of a fuss but quietened down after we reassured him that all was well.

Our experience has been that all fears and demons picked up through shocking abuse have been allayed by love and although he bears a few nasty scars his true beauty is within and we recommend such little ones to people who are prepared to lavish love on them as they will be handsomely rewarded.

We wish you and your helpers and all “mums & dads” of Rescue Jacks a Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.

Gae & Bob

Lovely Marshall


Livi (adopted August 2017) walking off her Christmas Day treats, progressed from a nervous girl who wouldn’t walk down the street to enjoying a regular 7km trot


Livi on a walk


Just an update on Max, well he’s settling in beautifully almost as though he was meant to be here. He gets on well with my tenant’s dog and just loves to be with you. Dad thinks he’s the ants pants.

I took him to the groomer yesterday and he looks great. He had his first ride in the
car (with his harness on).

I’ve put in a couple of photos so you can see for yourself how much Max is loving it here. Thanks again Jill. I’ll be in touch with another update down the track.

Regards Ken

P.S. Merry Christmas to you and your little poochies and a safe new year




Hi Jill,

In Sept 2015 we adopted Lewis from you (now called Buddy), and we have loved him as one of our family ever since then! We have recently relocated to Brisbane (from Mackay)

Gorgeous Buddy


Hi Jill,

Just wanted to update you on our Charlie who we adopted in May this year.

What a treasure he is, we absolutely adore him. He has such a beautiful nature, meets other dogs on his daily walks really well and particularly loves meeting his other Jack mates on the dog friendly beach walks. It didn’t take long for him to go off leash at the beach but he stays close and is not sure about those big waves. They chase him!!

Charlie and our 3 year old grandson are best friends and he is so patient with all the children we meet on our walks, who always want to pat him. He certainly has our fitness routine sorted out and if we forget about our afternoon walk, he will sit and give us one of his serious looks until we respond.

He just loves company, snoozing on our laps and he goes most places with us and is a regular at our local cafe. If we dare walk past without stopping for a coffee, he tries to go in anyway… such a character.

We are so grateful to Jack Russell Rescue for the opportunity to adopt Charlie and the work you and your volunteers do to improve the lives of these beautiful dogs. We hope all the other dogs find a loving home soon, particularly the seniors like Charlie. Merry Christmas to everyone at JRR.


Jenny and David

Happy Charlie

Bundy & Coke

Merry Christmas Jill and team. Bundy and Coke trying to keep cool in Cobar in their new house. they turn 15 next week. Keep up the fantastic work. xxx


Bundy & Coke keeping cool

Buddy & Chloe

Buddy and Chloe have been in WA for two weeks and their daily highlight is our afternoon walks.

Buddy & Chloe enjoying the beach

Tilly & James

Hi Jill,

Here’s a photo of Tilly & James at 16 months they’re still little ratbags, but we still love them. Merry Christmas.

Thanks Kim & Jeff.

Tilly & James at 16 months old


My little angel is going to have the best Christmas ever! Endless kisses, cuddles and teddies! She truly deserves it all!

She’s my true little soulmate. She is 7kgs now and 1.5 ft tall. Still a beautiful baby girl in my eyes. She is so EXTREMELY loyal!!!



Toby (Moose)

Hi Jill,

Letting you know Toby (previously Moose) whom we adopted from JRR three years ago is going along fine.

He loves his sister Alice (also adopted) and his basket of toys. He enjoys going for walks, shopping at pet friendly shops and is gradually getting used to travelling in the car.

He has become a Daddy’s boy and follows Phil around everywhere. I have attached some photos of him for you to see what a lovely boy he has grown into.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give Toby his forever home and for the joy and fun he has given us over the last three years.

Kind regards,

Carolyn and Phil Callahan

Gorgeous Toby

Toby & sister Alice

Toby enjoying his bed

Sleepy Toby

Learning to enjoy the car

Boe (Cherubs)

Birthday boy BoeBoe

‘Hi Jill,

Tis birthday boy BoeBoe here…but known only as Cherub to my mum Melly.

After a deliriously long chest and tummy rub in bed, we went for a beautiful bush walk early in the morn. We saw a pheasant and two wallabies but I only kind of had a little chase after one πŸ™‚

Then home for a special birthday brekky of freshly poached warm chicken breast. Yum! I asked for seconds and Mum said ok because today’s very special.

We then had a wonderful play with my basket of balls and then I crashed for a much deserved kip.

Tis quite hot here now and I’ve moved into my prime spot inside where I sleep blissfully in the air conditioning.

Please tell Kevin and Ritchie and all the older kids still waiting for their forever homes, not to give up.

I’ve found mine and I never dreamed I could be loved so completely and unconditionally. I have to endure a thousand kisses a day but it’s fine by me πŸ™‚

Happy birthday pics attached.

Lots of love,

BoeBoe (my mum’s Cherub) xoxo’

Roxy & Coco

‘Hi Jill,

Here is Roxy and Coco. Coco is wearing the collar because of eyelid surgery yesterday and is not too happy about it.

The girls settled in quickly and well, and must have been owned by Indian people before because they loved my neighbours Dahl and some of their milder curry! Their Granddaughter loves them and calls them roro’

Coo & Roxy

Tilly & James

‘Hi Jill here’s a picture of James & Tilly resting after a big morning playing.

We dearly love the two little ratbags.

Thankyou Jeff & Kim.’

Tilly & James