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Updates from the Rainbow Bridge


Tomorrow (26 April) is the five year anniversary of Lochie (aka Tex) crossing the rainbow bridge.

He was such a lovely soul, after a very long stay at the kennels, and over a thousand dollars of vet work paid for by donations and adoption fees from our supporters, he came to live with us. He was one of the oldies.

He lived for a year and his death left a gaping hole in our hearts. Still, I wouldn’t trade a day of his life with us to lose the pain of his passing.

He taught me so much about living in the moment, about treasuring every day that you get to share with your loved ones, about the gentle contentment of life with an older Jack.

He woke on Anzac day and it was clear he was ready, his illness had stolen the sparkle from his eye. We made that day special for him. A walk on the beach, all his favourite foods and lots of snuggles on the couch.

The next morning we made the appointment early, took him for a last walk on the beach and made our way to the clinic. Lochie died in my arms knowing that he was safe, secure and loved, something I believe every dog deserves.

I thought I’d share these memories because he was so well loved in the kennels, such a beautiful little soul. I want all the volunteers who cared for him for the year or so he was with you to know that he was deeply loved to his very last breath and beyond.

Thank you Jack Russell Rescue. These little lives matter. Not just the young sprightly souls, but the old and imperfect. They, each and every one, deserve a loving home and a dignified death. In return, I believe, they teach us how to be better, happier human beings.

Thank you to the volunteers, the supporters, the adopters and those who donate. Thank you to everyone who helps save these little lives.


Lochie snuggled under the blankets

Loving the beach