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Jack Russell Rescue is an Australian wide welfare charity that strives to find homes for homeless, abandoned  & surrendered Jack Russell Terriers

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Snake Warnings – Protect your pets

Family pets are lost every year to poisonous snakes, mostly the Red Bellied Black snake and the Brown Snake.

During Snake season please consider limiting your Jack Russell Terrier’s range of the property and take measures to confine your terrier to a snake proofed yard if possible.

Get your pet to the vet if bitten by a poisonous snake, and try to identify the snake.

Please use professional snake trappers to remove any that you may find, never attempt to kill or remove the snake yourself.

Click here to see a picture of a Red Bellied Black snake

Click here to see a picture of an Eastern Brown snake.

 Red Bellied Black snake distribution map

Red Bellied Black snake distribution map

 Eastern Brown snake distibution map

Eastern Brown snake distibution map

Beware Paraysis Ticks

Paralysis Ticks – Ixodes holocyclus

Ticks like warmth and humidity; there can be “micro-climates” such as creeks and gullies where ticks thrive.

If you suspect a tick, even if you can’t see one, please take your dog/cat immediately to a vet, often there is more than one attached. Ticks can be hard to find. Time is of the essence with tick poisoning.

PLEASE familiarise yourself with symptoms of paralysis tick with the following links below.

Preventing ticks is better than trying to deal with the symptoms of poisoning. There are various brands of tick prevention products that might suit your situation, follow the instructions and renew when needed.

Never rely soley on your tick prevention products, ALWAYS check your pet daily if in a Paralysis Tick area.

Holiday makers, when travelling about Australia with your pets, find out if the area you are going into has Paralysis Ticks and go prepared.

Love That Pet has a great youtube video on their site showing how to search your dog for ticks plus an article on advice regarding ticks

Pittwater Animal Hospital also has some valuable information on paralysis ticks.

 Tick Map

Tick Map

 Where Ticks are more likely to attach

Where Ticks are more likely to attach

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