Volunteer Foster Carers

Most of the dogs at Jack Russell Rescue start in boarding kennels but we prefer to be able to place them with carers until their forever home comes along.

Experience with the Jack Russell Terrier breed is necessary. If you have thought about becoming a short term carer for JRR maybe now is the time. All you need to provide is a secure backyard with good fencing, food and loving attention while the Jack is looking for its forever home.

JRR will take you through the fostering process and ask some questions about your circumstances. JRR covers the costs associated with fostering a dog (medication, vet bills etc). Jill is always available with support if there are any issues with settling the dog into your home and she will take the dog back if it’s not working out, your circumstances change or you are no longer able to foster for any reason. She also has great intuition about which dog will suit your situation.

Fostering is so important because some dogs do not cope well in the kennel environment. It is wonderful to see them come out of their shell in a home environment, with a little extra attention and training.

Potential adopters often find the kennel/shelter environment stressful as well and would prefer to meet the dog one on one. People also become more comfortable about adopting a rescue dog into their family, the more information they have about that dog. As these dogs are living with you, you will know them better than anyone. You can tell potential adopters if they are housetrained, how they interact with other dogs/children, if they are food aggressive, any training they might have and their little quirks or special traits, etc.

Taking a dog into your home for a few weeks means that Jack Russell Rescue can save another dog from death row. Fostering is such a rewarding experience, and allows you to meet wonderful people who are willing to give these dogs the loving home they so deserve. It is so nice to know that you have made a real difference in their lives.

If you would like more information about becoming a Foster Carer for JRR please contact Jill on 0408491542 at jrtrescue@pnc.com.au

 Mr Buddy is with a foster carer

Mr Buddy is with a foster carer