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Listed below are Jack Russells that are still looking for new homes and need your help.
Some are interstate or at Country pounds and on limited time please help if you can.  Some are in safer shelters.
If you find and adopt your new dog from listings on this page, we would
love to hear from you - either by email or drop a comment in our Guestbook
We just love little Terriers, and are sad when some people don't show commitment and they end up homeless.
We will always list the Jack Russells, but when none are available
will highlight other small terriers that might need similar housing and homing conditions.
They are all worthy and also deserve dedication.  A committed and aware owner is all that is required.
We include Miniature Fox Terriers in our listings since there appears to be
no mini-foxie breed specific rescue around Australia.


Some flood info and help sites. Please keep checking sites for updates
RSPCA Lost and Found   http://lostfound.rspcaqld.org.au/

Shelters and Pounds in QLD list
Ipswich Council Lost & Found -

Willawong & Northside Warra Animal Shelter Phone: 07 3403 8888

03 5832 9794 to purchase or find out more about this animal. You can also call in to the pound in Wanganui Road, Shepparton



Our wish is for a Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Group to start up in Victoria,

Australia, and be an advocate for the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

RSPCA in Victoria
Attention: Message from the Web Janitor.
jrtrescue.net is changing the way we present the RSPCA Victoria listings.
This is due to changes on their website and new rehoming initiatives. 

Lots of terriers to choose from at the RSPCA, you can use
this "search" link provided to see all dogs listed with "Jack Russell" in the title . . 
or go to the website to see related small terriers by using the "search" function.  Alternatively
you can search/browse listings of all breed of dogs by shelter location.

Some need training, others just need attention and companionship and a secure enclosure,
but isn't that what you do for a dog if you decide to bring one into your life?